About Us

This is the journey of a simple-living California homeschool family who, five years ago, was uprooted from all-things-comfortable to the far-flung fields of the Maker to bring His hope, and peace, and mercy, and gospel-life principles so that hearts might be turned to God.


In the process of the journey, –along our summer circuit speaking and counseling across the country, in our ice-bound winter island home talking heart issues with French fishermen and bohemian artists and writers and musicians, by the family hearth and around our kitchen table tending the souls of our first ministry – we are:


Rooting our migrant family in the soil of His Word

Letting go of things and finding gratitude in the sacrifice

Learning exuberance and laughter in a life stripped to the bare essentials

Exulting in God’s provision of our needs, both great and small


One of which is our need for your encouragement,

Your support in words and funds from afar.


We are humbled and heart-touched, buoyed and blest by His gifts through you.


7 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Rebecca Jones Says:

    Dear Colleen,

    I am so glad that you found me via the blog. What a treat.

    I have been thinking about you and your family and had a question for you about sheltering. It sounds like you have a lot happening right now, but if you have time I’d love to “chat” over e-mail.


    • summercircuitrider Says:

      Dear Rebecca,

      Drop me an email, and I’ll be glad to dialogue with you about sheltering!


  2. Patty Lueken Says:

    Met a mutual friend of yours… Lorri Wickenhauser at our son’s Promotion Ceremony at ALERT International… She mentioned that you minister in the islands of Canada?? and travel the US in the summer… we have friends who minister the gospel from their Inn on PEI in the summer, travel and share the gospel in the fall and spring and have stated a discipleship/Bible Insititute at their Inn in the fall and winter… Do you know of the Sky (PertofSKY) family in Clinton, near Kensington PEI.
    We happen to be packing and selling all, to join them this summer as a family and Lorri thought the connect might be a blessing all around if you you don’t already know their family…
    Would like to hear more of where you stay in the winter and about your ministry… and get us connected.
    Let me know when you get this via comments or my email.
    Thank you, Patty & Roger Lueken & family

  3. Elena Marques Says:

    Dear Adams family,

    It was such a pleasure to meet your family last Sunday when you visited GFBC in Houston, and after a perusal of your blog it is a blessing to read about your travels and where the Lord is using your family.

    You will be in my prayers as you continue in this wonderful journey! Thank you for sharing and keeping your readers updated on this blog; I’m looking forward to future posts!



    • summercircuitrider Says:

      Elena, it was a pleasure to meet you too! The girls look forward to many letters back and forth.

  4. Mrs. John Jennings, Jr. Says:

    Your lives are certainly interesting and challenging. God grants many different kinds of missionary missions, some require travel while others require being still and know He is God at home. My daughter has given up of herself to be a full time missionary to her ailing mother and one day soon maybe her father as well. Some see it as a great sacrifice but if you ask her she will tell you it is a great privilege. Still, as her mother, it concerns me, her future. You see doctors tell me I have what they call “boy in the bubble syndrome”. So it require isolation in order to have any measure of health. Isolation can be extremely difficult if one is not willing to die to self, pick up their cross daily and travel the journey trusting Christ at home. In addition to this burden, my daughter also has scoliosis. Her life is one of sacrifice and giving up of herself. Her future is totally in the hands of God for how is she ever to find a man who will care for her isolated as she is in her care for her parent’s home. Not many young men see the task of keeping a wife, home and family as a mission today. They want their wives to work outside the home instead of caring for their home. What is becoming of Christendom and the calling to home and family? Harvesters of souls are needed but so are those who can keep the fires at home. Bless you for your travels and bless those too who do not.

    • summercircuitrider Says:

      Thanks for your comment, and may God richly bless you and your family as the year closes and the new year begins.

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