The rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains is behind us as we press on Eastward, making miles on roads that are finally clear of snow and ice. Our last night in Central City was wild; we woke up to howling winds rocking the trailer and loud crashing as the wind tore loose ice and snow from the roof of the RV. On a positive note, the temperature (in the teens) was a reprieve from the night before, when the thermometer registered -4 Fahrenheit!

This morning we headed down the pass, grateful for safety and clear roads. After many hours of rolling hills still showing the recent snowfall, we are now in Nebraska, on our way to northern Indiana. God has been very good; there are no mechanical issues with the trailer, and the vehicle’s transmission has been behaving well, with no further issues in shifting to second or first gear (there were several concerning episodes up in Central City).

The next few days will be full as we make up for time lost during the storm. Thank-you for your teamwork and prayers with us for God’s protection and guidance, and pray with us for safety and warm weather as we continue East.


One Response to “Nebraska”

  1. Erica Says:

    We just had a snowfall here yesterday. I can’t wait to see you all…it has been sooo long! I can’t wait until September, the first, to be precise!!! 🙂

    I am praying for you all!

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