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Back in California

March 6, 2013

We are once again back in California, where the green hills and familiar valley roads remind us of how much we appreciate this state where we grew up and prepared to leave for the mission field 10 years ago.

Todd is hard at work in an intensive stint of ministry and counseling. His enthusiasm over the past several months has been contagious as he has focused his time on his primary calling: drawing men and leaders to whole-hearted love and obedience to Christ in the context of the church and family. This time in California will be no different. The work is challenging spiritually and emotionally at times — Todd has multiple meetings scheduled each day, and is often up late at night writing and calling those whom God has put in His path (despite full days of work in CA, his long-distance ministry continues). Thank-you very much for your continued support and prayers for strength, wisdom, and discretion in this vital work for God’s Kingdom.

On a different note, Austin and Isaac are rejoicing to have the California Bar Exam behind them, and are awaiting results (they will receive results in mid-May). Thank-you so much for praying the guys through this test!


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