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Prayer Letter

August 16, 2012

The following is a letter our oldest son wrote in his quest for a committed prayer team and in his search for caring benefactors.
Essentially, he is finding out that it “takes a village” of support to obtain the medical skills he’ll need for rural village work.  This isn’t a one-man mountain – you can’t conquer Everest without sponsors and Sherpas. And while this is not an arm of the Field and Hearth Project, we are including this letter here with the prayer that God will touch the hearts of likeminded people who share Curtis’ vision for spreading the gospel to the underserved through medical missions.

Dear Friends,
I am writing to share a need for which I would really value your prayer. As many of you know, I am pursuing medical training with a vision and call to long-term medical missions as a surgeon. I am three weeks away from submitting my application to medical school, and have one more hurdle to overcome before I can do so: finances. I have paid for all of my pre-med studies so far, in part via distance legal work and in part with an investment loan from a godly mentor. I need the final $7000 by the last week of August in order to be competitive in the 2012-2013 application process.

If you would like to help defray the significant costs in undertaking this huge endeavor, I would love to have you onboard as a partner. I am a disciplined student and a devoted follower of Christ, heading out on a long journey; to the best of my knowledge, these are uncharted waters (going from home education through distance undergraduate premed studies to medical school).

I would really appreciate your prayers, not only for the finances I need by the end of August, but for wisdom as I complete medical application narratives and medical research requirements, for strength to keep my eyes fixed on Christ in the face of this daunting financial challenge, and for ample legal work ahead as I await entrance into school. I firmly believe that God has called me to this path, and I believe that in His timing, I will become a missionary doctor to be used by Him.

Thank-you for your many words of support and encouragement thus far. Please let me know if you would like to receive my monthly newsletter.

In His grip,

Support information: if you would like to help financially, please use the donation button on this page or write to us for our snail mail address.

Writing Trouble in Oklahoma City

August 7, 2012

We arrived here yesterday. This morning, I am sitting in a coffee shop writing the missions newsletter…major writer’s block has enveloped my mind.