Mail Situation

The mail that was hung up in Canada Customs is still somewhere in Nova Scotia (we believe that it is in Sydney – an official told us that they found the latest box that came across the border, but the box was broken and its contents could not be found anywhere)…no mail has come since our last post here, which means that we have had no mail arrive from the United States since early January.

We believe in a Sovereign God who rules over when our mail arrives. We rest in His wisdom. Curtis is unable to get started on pre-med Biology until the textbook arrives; this could delay his entry into medical school. God knows this too.

Mail-sent financial provision has also not arrived. Again, God knows. What tremendous comfort there is in resting on Him.

We appreciate your prayers more than ever.

2 Responses to “Mail Situation”

  1. The Frazers Says:

    Our hearts went out to you when we read this post. This must be a faith-stretching time for you all, yet we know that the Lord is sovereign and in control of all situations. Our prayers are with you.
    Love in Christ, the Frazers

  2. The Frazers Says:

    Dear Adams Family,
    This morning on the weather news site, we saw photos of electric poles, downed by ice, in les Îles-de-la-Madeleine and read of the wide-spread power outages. We are praying for you! Not that you will be able to read this if your power is still out! We know you are in the Lord’s loving and secure hands!
    The Frazers

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