Request for Prayer

As a few of you know, we are anxiously awaiting mail that has been held up at the border for Customs Clearance. Curtis urgently needs the Chemistry/Biology curriculum and Science labs that are in those boxes from the University of New England. Each passing day without syllabi/textbooks means that he will have a day fewer to complete his assignments. He has a February 27th deadline for the two remaining courses; if he works six days a week once these courses arrive, he will have very few days to complete a semester’s worth of Chemistry and Biology.

Curtis is also waiting for news on the status of his application to medical school. This is a faith-stretching month for him, and he/and we are firm believers in both the sovereignty of God and the ability of God to work miracles. Please join us in prayer.

6 Responses to “Request for Prayer”

  1. Taylor family Says:

    Just learned about this earnest need and will certainly lift your family up in prayer – especially for Curtis! Excited to see the Lord unfold His will in your lives. However, this no doubt, has to be very trying on your faith and we feel very deeply for what you must be going through at this moment.

    May God be glorified through this trial!

    The Taylor family

  2. Kendra Says:


  3. The Frazers Says:

    You are in our prayers! We will be praying that your mail arrives soon!
    The Frazers

  4. Todd Adams Says:

    We are still awaiting mail…please keep praying!

  5. The Frazers Says:

    Still praying! Any news yet?
    The Frazers

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