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Love Requires Intention and a Strategy

February 21, 2011

Love requires intention and a strategy. We all more or less know “that love is not a feeling”, but neither can it be intention alone.

Genuine and profitable love, like the redeeming love of God, must have a plan, a goal, a studied purpose for the good of its receiver. That is not to say that it is a cerebral exercise; the emotions of love flow from their source in the mind, and fuel the latter in its purposes.

And this is what I have seen in counseling this week.

Those families, and those churches that are succeeding in healthy and dynamic relationships, are doing so through articulated and conscious purpose.

Every relationship that matters needs a plan. What is your plan for cultivating the personhood and strength of those you love?

What’s Happening

February 16, 2011

We are working out of a rented cabin about 50 miles south of Montreal. Although we would like to have stayed in the centre of the Townships where we were, we are finding that this location is ideal for a straight shot north to the area of Quebec with the greatest number of churches and parachurch ministries.

Something to pray about: please pray that Todd would be of great assistance to those with whom he is meeting, and that his schedule would work out in such a way that he is able to take on part-time work for pay in order to make ministry budget.

Quebec’s Small Churches

February 2, 2011

Quebec’s small churches (and the handful of larger churches in Montreal) need your prayers; please do not forget us.