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Another move, another opportunity

January 28, 2011

We moved this morning. The little house we were staying in, with its four-seater table, had a couple coming in for the weekend, so we moved down the road a half an hour to another town, another house. We’ll be here for ten days.

Every time we move, we meet new people: the cabin owners, the neighbours in a new community, the folks in the local grocery store. And this morning, the man who stopped to pull us out of the deep, snowy ditch into which the vehicle had slipped. There is a purpose for each encounter; our job is to look past the obvious to find the opportunities to share the good news of Christ.

In each of the meetings we had with believers this week, we were told that French come to Christ primarily through relationship investment; traditional methods of sharing the gospel (like going door-to-door or handing out tracts) don’t work.

I believe that prayer is the key to amazing change in French Quebec.

God Will Take Care of You

January 21, 2011

When I woke up this morning feeling low, the first email that popped up on my screen was a short video clip of a child singing, “God Will Take Care of You”, and the second email that appeared was this forward from one of our boys:

How helpless guilty nature lies,
Unconscious of its load!
The heart, unchanged, can never rise
To happiness and God.

Can aught, beneath a power divine,
The stubborn will subdue?
‘Tis thine, almighty Spirit! thine,
To form the heart anew.

‘Tis thine, the passions to recall,
And upward bid them rise;
To make the scales of error fall,
From reason’s darkened eyes.

Oh! change these wretched hearts of ours,
And give them life divine;
Then shall our passions and our powers,
Almighty Lord! be thine.

(hymn written by Anne Steele)

The Test Report

January 20, 2011

The four of us who went south (to Vermont for Emily’s two days of legal exams) have returned to Magog, Quebec. Thank-you for your prayers that she would have clarity of mind as she took her exams.

Tomorrow we move again. We are getting good at quick moves, but we are all looking forward to finding a place where we can settle down for more than just a week or even a month at a time! Pray that we can be done with moving by noon, and get back to the work we feel called to do here.

We are becoming aware of the great need for recruiting solid ministry-minded individuals and families with stellar character for service in Quebec. Please pray to this end.

The Road to the Mainland

January 17, 2011

Thank-you for your prayers for smooth sailing. Though the boat bucked and wallowed in stormy seas, we were not sick.

We met with families Tuesday and Wednesday on PEI, were encouraged by their counsel and uplifted by their prayers, and were on our way through blowing snow and whiteouts in New Brunswick. Late Wednesday night, we made a tough decision to go on further, uncertain of the roads ahead since it was snowing heavily, but feeling peace about making miles.

That night we slept in Downeast Acadia (Maine).

Friday night we attended a Bible study in the home of friends. Again, more encouragement from fellow believers, and a couple of books to take on the road. The boys are already well into Redemption Accomplished and Applied, by John Murray…and the resulting discussions are fabulous.

Saturday we were again encouraged by believers: a family who has been friends for a long time, and a family we’ve been asked by others to visit, and who we intended to see over the last three times through the area, but were never able to fit in.

That brings us to the mainland of Quebec, where we are sitting around the kitchen table putting together packing lists for our daughter’s CLA exam in Vermont tomorrow (4 of us will travel south for this tonight) and working on long-term housing for the rest of winter and all of spring in Quebec.

Two Months on the Islands

January 17, 2011

For two months, we felt enveloped by the love of the island people to whom God had called us. We awoke early to counsel and stayed out much of many days in cafes, lofts and basements counseling.

And we were amazed at what God had wrought in our absence.

And what He did in our presence.

Do You Have a Mentor?

January 7, 2011

Last night as I was logging mentor-hours with a good friend, I found myself answering her question about wisdom by saying that God had placed many mentors in my life over the years. Some older women probably did not realize that they were mentoring me by their example, or by the few words they shared with me over the years. I gleaned so very much from “dead mentors” — those who left their wise thoughts in writing for us to soak up so many years after they are gone. I gleaned from my mother and from my sweet aunties. And I gleaned from CDs and DVDs, books, magazine articles, and more.

The three hours I spent with this young woman were as precious to me as she said they were to her. Her enthusiasm for growth and learning, for exploring ways to honour her husband and for ever seeking after the heart of God in all things — all of this was/is invigorating!

My advice for this year: put “get a mentor” on your priority list. Above entertainment. Above field trips for the children. Above shopping and quilting and cooking and playing. A good mentor will help you gain perspective and vision, out of which all those other good things will naturally flow.