One More MK Thought

A reader from Illinois writes,

“If you are going to write another post, would it be appropriate to share some specifics [or specific examples] of how you as a family [or you as an individual] battle unbelief? As the financial pressures mount or sickness is prolonged or difficulties arise with your living accommodations or finding a place to rent, how do you quiet any fears or challenges to your faith, finding and maintaining a place of inner rest?”

That’s a good question. I believe unbelief is often caused by the gradual discontent which can grow from allowing a difficult trial to blot out God’s abiding mercy. Discontentment often grows from a desire for what we do not have: friends, finances, stable plans, good food, or whatever else we strongly desire. As one Christian man puts it, “seeds of a wounded spirit, when sown underground, grow up into a crop of rebellion.”

On the field, I’ve learned that every thought of discontentment is an opportunity to make a decision – a wise choice that will plant seeds of greater trust in God, or a poor choice that will sow seeds of eventual bitterness. If moments of discontent are left untended to grow and accumulate, they lead to distance from God or worse, unbelief.

So every trial brings us to a crossroads: a point at which we can either allow doubt and sin to creep into our lives, or transform our minds by the renewing of our focus on Christ. If we set our focus on Christ as our treasure, our joy in Him and gratitude to Him will sweep away discontentment and doubts. That is the basis of true – and lasting – happiness.

Grateful for the chance to pick free cranberries on the dunes

3 Responses to “One More MK Thought”

  1. Jan Van Dellen Says:

    Thanks, Curtis, for this practical and refreshing perspective! Gratitude and trust.

  2. Cindy Says:


    Your answer to the question was excellent. Thank you for sharing the insights you have learned. May God bless you!


  3. Theresa Says:

    It was so good to catch up with your family. Thoroughly enjoyed the “guest” posts from Curtis.

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