First, we want to thank everyone who has been helping us to try to find a rental home in Quebec. Your efforts have been a huge help to us. Secondly, we will still need help finding a home, as of mid-January.

We are excited to see how God is leading us and how He constantly surprises us with gifts from unexpected sources. We felt led to return to the islands for a month of ministry in November. We had no idea at that time how God was lining up people and events that would occur in that month — now, we can look back with immense gratitude at the great number of opportunities for evangelism and at the fantastic meetings we have had. In addition, we see just how very much the children were missing the electric piano that we’d left here with friends during our absence — seems like there is always someone sitting at the piano, and in the evenings, there is wonderful music to be made together. God has supplied funds and friends and His gorgeous creation which have all been sources of support as we log copious hours in ministry.

We return to Bolton-Est (the cabin we were in prior to coming here) next week, and then we return here for a second month (with an excellent rental rate offered to us by our landlord). So we will be on the islands over Christmas, leaving here on the 11th of January, and then (hopefully) settling in for the rest of the winter in the Eastern Townships.

Thank-you for all your love, prayers, help, and notes during this time.

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