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The Fields of French Quebec

October 17, 2010

Sometimes we are asked why we are here, why we keep returning year after year, why we choose sacrifice over comfort:

The Adams Go To School

October 14, 2010

Actually, French school has come to the Adams, thanks to a very specific and generous gift from a Canadian. We are all studying French, practicing with each other, and making lots of mistakes! If someone has a Rosetta Stone Level 2 and Level 3, we are still in need of this program as a supplement to our current lessons.

Women’s Conference Coming Soon

October 6, 2010

Please pray for the upcoming women’s conference in Orford, Quebec. Pray that the Holy Spirit would work deeply in all of us who attend. There is much to get ready yet before the 22nd. .We are hoping to find a rental house (even if it is a temporary one). We really value your prayers as we prepare.

What We’ve Been Doing

October 5, 2010

It’s been a long time since we’ve blogged. Much has happened since we last wrote, including God providing for all of our outstanding medical needs!! In addition, the Raspberry Farmer came to the campsite with pumpkins, gave us the freedom to roam over his land and pick all the remaining beans, all the remaining raspberries, and all the remaining tomatoes. At the campsite, Tony (the elderly gentleman who opens up the meeting room for the children early every morning while it is still dark) has been saving things people have been discarding as campers prepare to head south, and he has brought over running shoes, boots, and today he brought over two sweatshirts.

Todd is on the telephone much of his day meeting with men from a distance. On Thursday, he will visit with church leaders throughout the l’Estrie region of Quebec. In the evening, he will share a word with believers in Magog.

I’m still searching online for a house to rent…nothing yet. I’d love your prayers.