Does your thank-you equal your please?

This morning I finished the budget I had been working on for one of the boys.  He’d asked me to put together a parent’s view of a budget for an “18 and older” guy.   Putting together a budget for the boys was an interesting project;  the discussion that followed the budget presentation was even more interesting.

What’s important to this post though, is not that we hashed out a good budget;  what’s important to me is that he expressed buckets of gratitude that we’d done that for him.   He’d asked several times for our input,  and I had his request on my to-do list,  but I had not gotten around to it for more than a month.  He still expressed buckets of gratitude.  Later, when I left to go to town for something, he came by the vehicle and said “thank-you sooo much” again.

Do I do this with God?  Does the intensity of my “thank-you” equal the intensity of my “please”?  Not that there is a formula here, nor that there is a set number of times to say thank-you or to forgive or to request something and then your duty is done.  No, but the enthusiasm of my gratitude towards God for His answer (whatever it may be), and that overwhelming desire to say thank-you to Him again and again is a symptom of the state of my heart.  When our hearts endlessly bubble thank-you praises to God, He does not see them as unnecessary babbling.  We know that God heard us the first time and He loves it just as much when our hearts well up within us and we say thank-you a second and third time.

And a fourth and a fifth and a sixth. 

This is more than the obligatory thank-you card, more than perfunctory praise. This is heart stuff.

And He’s not getting tired of this much praise.

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