California Bar Results


Snippets from a letter our eldest wrote to his classmates on hearing that he and the others had passed the California Bar:

“God’s grace is new every day, and I feel privileged and humbled by the victory that He has wrought for us. It is God’s strength that has sustained us through these years, and it is His outpouring of grace that many of us felt as we sat for the Bar. I am immensely grateful for the encouragement and prayer support that we shared during the long months of study, the weeks of Bar prep, and the exam itself.

It has been a long four years of study, but a good four years. When I sat for the first time in Orientation, a little lost and disoriented, I did not even begin to understand the nature or the breadth of the challenge before us. In the lens of hindsight, I see the hand of God moving throughout these years, molding and refining us in preparation to serve Him. God has wrought a work in each of us, and it is no small thing that we stand here today, having finished Oak Brook, having sat for the Bar in February, and having received news that we passed.

We are comrades in law; comrades in the fight to stand strong and to show ourselves approved – brothers and sisters in Christ that need not be ashamed to stand before Him one day and give account of our lives. As we look ahead, facing the future God has in store for each of us, we need His strength poured out upon us in even greater measure; never forget that He is able to sustain us throughout our brightest and our darkest moments. There is nothing as fulfilling or rewarding as stepping out on the knife edge of faith, daring to prove the faithfulness of a radical, almighty God.  As we seek first His kingdom, He will bless us with His overwhelming blessing.

May God give each of you a clear sense of His direction and calling, and may He give you a passion to serve Him with all you have, whatever the cost, wherever He leads. And may He give you the fortitude to walk in His will.

May God guide you in the coming months and may He give you the fortitude to walk in His will.”

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