Summer Circuit 2010 Begins

2010 Circuit: Monday, May 10th

The California Chapter (our home assignment) has come to an end. 

We left Patterson early this morning, after waving to Sherwin and taking one last look at the beautiful hills flanking the campsite at the edge of the valley, and we quietly passed out of central California, taking with us memories and a trailer full of boxes and writing projects.  The Walker family generously offered to store our boxes and send them east in August, but since there was no time for sorting and packing before we left, the boxes came with us. 

We stopped to have coffee with friends as we neared Tehachapi, and then we climbed the long road out of the valley, past towns and windmills and old memories, and headed through the hills to the desert.  High winds buffeted the trailer, blowing sand across the windows, and because of the storm we headed further than the campsite we had chosen…and went to Vegas. Vegas, as a centre of sin-celebration, was for us a place of sans-celebration.  It took more than an entire morning on the road the next day for Todd and I to process our experience and to set boundaries for any subsequent travel through Nevada.  Good talks.

We arrived in town (and at our campsite) late at night, and left town around 6 a.m. for another full day of travel, talk, and telephone;  the children studied or read, crocheted, wrote letters, and for the entire length of the city, they clustered their attention around their photo collections on C’s computer – so many good people and good memories to enjoy!

California Memories

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