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Are your Sundays restful?

May 31, 2010

Breakfast conversation today:  when did Sunday become the Sabbath?  Is a Sunday Sabbath biblical? (we googled the first question and discussed the second).

a restful Sunday afternoon ride

Sunday afternoon: biking in the country

If Sunday afternoon was restful (and it was), Sunday evening was a tonic to my soul.  We ate outside on the grass, read umpteen chapters of a read-aloud together, and opened Mother’s Day cards that had been put on hold because of the busyness of California.

Prayer for Health

May 29, 2010

Sickness dogged us from the second week of our California visit until the day we left, and stayed with us for a few days on the road.  By week’s end, we felt healthy and excited to be in Illinois for the wedding of dear friends, and following this, for a  fellowship event with other believers a few hours north.  A nasty sore throat hit numbers of wedding attenders, and a few days after the wedding, hit a few of us, too.  With immunity low from weeks of sickness, our second born got the mild cold, but with a fever that spiked just under 105 degrees and then lingered for days.  All of this brings us up to the present — the 4 a.m. visit to the hospital this Thursday morning when our son was struggling to breath, and our request now for prayer for his full recovery.  He has atypical pneumonia in both lungs.

In addition to praying for his health, would you please pray for wisdom as we seek to understand the reasons behind the buckets of sickness we have faced for the last many weeks.  This has been a good time of soul-searching for our entire family, and of considering any other reasons (including the extent of mold in our trailer) which might be at the root of our unstable health. Our medical/dental bills have now topped $2000 since entering California, and we ask for prayer that Thursday’s x-rays and diagnosis as well as upcoming x-rays at week’s end will not significantly raise that figure.

Time Out for Refreshing the Soul

May 29, 2010

Summer Circuit 2010: Day 12, Thursday, May 22nd

Harvard, Illinois

After appointments in Iowa and western Illinois, we attended a gathering of believers from churches across the United States (including our home church) for four days of fellowship and encouragement.  This was a tremendously uplifting time for all of us!  We stayed with one of the families who hosted the event, and dear friends from California also camped in the driveway next to us.

Ben and Tiffany’s Wedding

May 27, 2010

Summer Circuit 2010:  Day 5, Saturday, May 15th

Morton, Illinois

Philippians 4:19  My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus.

 The Groom

The Bride

California Bar Results

May 27, 2010


Snippets from a letter our eldest wrote to his classmates on hearing that he and the others had passed the California Bar:

“God’s grace is new every day, and I feel privileged and humbled by the victory that He has wrought for us. It is God’s strength that has sustained us through these years, and it is His outpouring of grace that many of us felt as we sat for the Bar. I am immensely grateful for the encouragement and prayer support that we shared during the long months of study, the weeks of Bar prep, and the exam itself.

It has been a long four years of study, but a good four years. When I sat for the first time in Orientation, a little lost and disoriented, I did not even begin to understand the nature or the breadth of the challenge before us. In the lens of hindsight, I see the hand of God moving throughout these years, molding and refining us in preparation to serve Him. God has wrought a work in each of us, and it is no small thing that we stand here today, having finished Oak Brook, having sat for the Bar in February, and having received news that we passed.

We are comrades in law; comrades in the fight to stand strong and to show ourselves approved – brothers and sisters in Christ that need not be ashamed to stand before Him one day and give account of our lives. As we look ahead, facing the future God has in store for each of us, we need His strength poured out upon us in even greater measure; never forget that He is able to sustain us throughout our brightest and our darkest moments. There is nothing as fulfilling or rewarding as stepping out on the knife edge of faith, daring to prove the faithfulness of a radical, almighty God.  As we seek first His kingdom, He will bless us with His overwhelming blessing.

May God give each of you a clear sense of His direction and calling, and may He give you a passion to serve Him with all you have, whatever the cost, wherever He leads. And may He give you the fortitude to walk in His will.

May God guide you in the coming months and may He give you the fortitude to walk in His will.”

The Long Wait is Over

May 21, 2010

Summer Circuit 2010: Friday, May 14th

Omaha to Peoria

We drove from Omaha to Mackinaw, Illinois, and arrived in time to have dinner in our little rolling home (a first this trip)!  In fact, we arrived so early that the children rode bikes and Todd drove to the church in Morton to drop off something that was needed for the wedding tomorrow.

We couldn’t wait for Todd to return because we had an important online task to do, and we wanted everyone there as a family. More to come in our next post.

California Bar Prep

Slow Driving

May 21, 2010

Summer Circuit 2010: Thursday, May 13th

Denver to Omaha

Again, no laundry (no facilities) and an early start to the day.  Woke up to trailer tires completely flat. Pumped them up 350 times each with a bike pump.

We had coffee with new friends east of Denver and were back on the road a little later than planned, especially with several stops thereafter to pump up tires.  We pulled in to a tire store  in a small town in Colorado and had the tires patched.  No more bike pump work!

Time spent on the road:  11 hours.

Miles to Quebec:  2400

Spring Snow, Old Tires

May 21, 2010

Summer Circuit 2010: Wednesday, May 12th

Through the Rockies to Denver

Still no laundry happening.  We are retreading towels, we are drying jeans liberally splashed with mud, and  I am fretting about today’s trip through potentially snowy conditions with worn tires and a heavy box-filled trailer.

We got an early start on the road.  The boys wanted to ride bikes down the mountain from Vail, Colorado, and meet us an hour and a half later, but the trail had not been cleared of heavy winter snow and it was 27 degrees with a light wind blowing.  With the bike trail impassable, we began our descent together, and before long ran into significant snow.  We drove down the mountain into the blowing snow, despite smooth tires and safety concerns, and my prayer life was vastly improved by the experience.

Skies were darkened by the storm right into Denver.  We spent the night at a county campsite in Aurora, where, much to the boys’ delight, there was a bike race in progress.


Still Thinking of California

May 21, 2010

2010 Circuit: Tuesday, May 11th

Nevada to Green River, Utah

Beautiful trip through red rock canyons on I-70.  We decided to drive further than our itinerary planned due to concern over a spring snow storm brewing over the Rocky Mountains. By dinner time (a late one), we arrived in Green River, where we picked lilacs and met the Christian owner of our campsite.  It was raining hard, and there was a promise of sleet in the wind.

California Memories

Summer Circuit 2010 Begins

May 21, 2010

2010 Circuit: Monday, May 10th

The California Chapter (our home assignment) has come to an end. 

We left Patterson early this morning, after waving to Sherwin and taking one last look at the beautiful hills flanking the campsite at the edge of the valley, and we quietly passed out of central California, taking with us memories and a trailer full of boxes and writing projects.  The Walker family generously offered to store our boxes and send them east in August, but since there was no time for sorting and packing before we left, the boxes came with us. 

We stopped to have coffee with friends as we neared Tehachapi, and then we climbed the long road out of the valley, past towns and windmills and old memories, and headed through the hills to the desert.  High winds buffeted the trailer, blowing sand across the windows, and because of the storm we headed further than the campsite we had chosen…and went to Vegas. Vegas, as a centre of sin-celebration, was for us a place of sans-celebration.  It took more than an entire morning on the road the next day for Todd and I to process our experience and to set boundaries for any subsequent travel through Nevada.  Good talks.

We arrived in town (and at our campsite) late at night, and left town around 6 a.m. for another full day of travel, talk, and telephone;  the children studied or read, crocheted, wrote letters, and for the entire length of the city, they clustered their attention around their photo collections on C’s computer – so many good people and good memories to enjoy!

California Memories