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Bar Update — Day 3

February 25, 2010

Today is the final day of the California Bar Exam!  At 5 p.m. Pacific Time, the celebration begins!  In the meantime, those of us not writing the exam will be praying fervently, and already making plans for the months ahead. 

If anyone reading this has a vehicle we can borrow while in the Central Valley (until mid-May, or for any portion of that time), we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Bar Test Update

February 23, 2010

Keep praying!  The morning went well, with no big surprises.   The afternoon test will be the really hard one!  He is an hour into the test right now, and will finish at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.  Thank-you, those of you who are sending encouragement, verses, prayers, love.  You are faithful friends!!

Eve of the California Bar Exam

February 23, 2010

Please pray for our oldest son on Tuesday as he sits all day for the first of three days of exams.  We’ve had the privilege of traveling west with one of his fellow students – please pray for him as well. 

We are loving the almond blossoms and the greenery of the San Joaquin Valley, and we are so very grateful for the many prayers of our good friends who have supported us in over the last year, and for the great encouragement we are receiving from you as we anticipate returning to the field in late Spring.

Stories of God’s Provision

February 9, 2010

We met a wonderful Christian couple at the campground this week, who told us the following true story of God’s provision. I looked up a written form of the story to share with you here:

Shortly after [Dallas] Seminary was founded in 1924, it almost folded. It came to the point of bankruptcy. All the creditors were ready to foreclose at twelve noon on a particular day.

That morning, the founders of the school met in the president’s office to pray that God would provide. In that prayer meeting was Harry Ironside. When it was his turn to pray, he said in his refreshingly candid way, “Lord we know that the cattle on a thousand hills are Thine. Please sell some of them and send us the money.”

Just about that time, a tall Texan in boots and an open-collar shirt strolled into the business office. “Howdy!” he said to the secretary. “I just sold two carloads of cattle over in Fort Worth. I’ve been trying to make a business deal go through, but it just won’t work. I feel God wants me to give this money to the seminary. I don’t know if you need it or not, but here’s the check,” and he handed it over.

The secretary took the check and, knowing something of the critical nature of the hour, went to the door of the prayer meeting and timidly tapped. Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, the founder and president of the school, answered the door and took the check from her hand. When he looked at the amount, it was for the exact sum of the debt. Then he recognized the name on the check as that of the cattleman. Turning to Dr. Ironside, he said, “Harry, God sold the cattle.”

Howard Hendricks Stories for the Heart compiled by Alice Gray (Portland: Multnomah Press, 1996), p. 272.