Todd Goes to Houston

Lord-willing, Todd leaves Friday for a few days in Houston and will return next Wednesday.  Please pray for safety as he travels, and for Godward-focused meetings in the days ahead.  Also, we ask for your prayers for those of us who will be staying put;  Austin-Hans and Ike both have exams in October, and there remain many hours of study between now and then.


3 Responses to “Todd Goes to Houston”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Hello, Colleen,

    I saw you come to my blogspot post “Set Your Sails to the Wind – Anchor Yourself on God”. Thank you. It was good seeing you there.

    Funny as it may seem to some but I too have been encouraged by that same post and continue to return to it whenever my faith runs low on gas. 🙂 You’d think that one who writes something like that would have a well of faith to live by. But it’s not always the case. Strength fails, courage dims, faith falters. Every time something like that happens to me I run back to the Source… and am renewed once again. We have a Magnificent God!

    Have read your post here. My prayers go with you and to each one in the family who God has sent out to do His work. Be blessed for God is pleased to send you His grace and light.


  2. Kendra Says:

    Let us know if he needs anything. My brother is there and they have a new home they love to share. Great family, lots of love and I think you’d enjoy them.

  3. Theresa Says:


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