Dealing with Worries

All are well, for which we fervently thank God, but this past week has not been without its concerns.  Todd was ill as he was getting over staph infections on his leg, his body was dealing poorly with the prescribed antibiotic, and three out of seven of us were ill with the worst flu we have ever had.  Today was Todd’s first day back to a normal work schedule.

We’re still in Oklahoma, and will plan to stay put here for the next few days as we finish the missions letter as well as dealing with copious writing and accounting tasks. 

As to the report of God’s provision, we received the week’s forwarded mail Friday, and there was $50 in it:  $50 to thank God for, with hearts that trust Him.  It matters not whether our worries are about finances or illness, the temptation to dwell on them is a lot like the birds Martin Luther wrote about:  thoughts about bad things and temptations happen to all of us – they are as natural as little birds flying over our heads.  We must not let them build a nest in our hair.

Thank-you for your ongoing prayers.

One Response to “Dealing with Worries”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Sorry you had a bout of illness in addition to Todd’s infections. Praise the Lord you are on the mend.

    I like your Martin Luther quote amd can relate to it well. I should make note of it in our journal, as I did with your quote about Peace.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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