“Absolute abandonment to God diffuses in the soul a peace that flows like a river, and a righteousness that is like the waves of the sea (Isaiah 18:18). If there is anything that can render the soul calm, dispel its fears, sweeten its sufferings by the anointing of love, impart strength to it in all its actions and spread abroad the joy of the Holy Spirit, it is this simple, free and childlike repose in the arms of God.”   (Francois Fenelon)

2 Responses to “Peace”

  1. Dave Hector Says:

    My heart is in my throat!! The Hectors took a three day vacation, and we missed all the excitement. We will pray that Todd’s recovery continues.

  2. Tami Starn Says:

    I love Fenelon…….I have forgotten all about this website, shame on me. But good to catch up on you and to let you know, the boxes have arrived safe and sound.
    Missing you and praying for your family ♥

    My reading today with Oswald Chambers:

    “The answer to the question “How can a man be born when he is old?” is-When he is old enough to die–to die right out to his “rag rights,” to his virtues, to everything, and to receive into himself the life which never was there before. The new life manifests itself in conscious repentance and unconscious holiness.”

    Thank you for new life, Jesus!

    Love to you all and ((hugs))…….Tami ; )

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