Countdown to the Mainland

Today is a whirlwind of final business, errands, and housecleaning. There is a storm raging outside, the seas are wild, the trailer sways and we are still safe within our much-loved rental home. Tomorrow morning, if our bills are paid, we will leave for the mainland, catching the 8 a.m. boat.

Please pray that we would have peace of mind to wait if His green light to go does not come overnight, and pray also that we breathe-talk-think contentment in Him as we transition tomorrow from a rental house to a small trailer.

Todd just came in the house to say that the trailer is full to the gills and that life in there will be a little “close” until we get to the United States. Once in Maine, we will ship boxes of some things we will need in the Fall. This will help significantly to empty out space in the trailer so that next week when we head back across the border for meetings in Quebec, we will have a table to sit at for meals and space to breathe.

Our faith is being stretched and tested. We do so count on you for your prayers!

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