“In Acceptance Lieth Peace”

“In Acceptance Lieth Peace”

This line, from the words of Amy Carmichael, frequently speaks to the disquiet of my heart during the transition time from Island to Mainland.   The acceptance of God’s will, the ceasing to try to change God’s mind, the total resting at the foot of the cross is essential to inner peace.  I cannot tell you how often I have felt harried and fretful this month, and I am ashamed of how many times I have had to come to Christ at the end of the day to confess the same old sins.

Todd keeps reminding me to look at the moon upon the water, the children show me the large birds diving for fish, I catch a glimpse of the greening grass – the wonder of God’s world is ever around us, and we must continue to remind each other to look outside our little busy rooms to the grand picture He paints afresh every day. 

Todd made it safely to Tennessee and will be away from home until next Tuesday.  We are trying to ready the trailer as fast as we can so that we can get to other important tasks.  In Little One’s mind, the important task of the week is sitting on the deck with our feet dangling over the edge while we eat our lunch on sunny spring days.  She does not mind that the temperature is in the 50’s or that it snowed briefly a few days ago. 

She is right.  A few moments standing outside or dining on simple sandwiches with the wind ruffling the ocean and lobster boats going to and fro puts life in perspective.

Some of you have asked what we are doing on the trailer this year, so I’ll include a few photos of our latest projects to make it more livable for the months of cross-country living ahead.  As the children have grown, and as the youngest no longer resides at night in an open Rubbermaid container bottom, we have tried to keep up with their bedding needs by installing a third bunk for the boys, giving them submarine-bunklike beds (just enough room to turn over);  the girls have shared a narrow camp-table-turns-into-a-bed-at-night.  The girls’ bed was narrow to begin with, and seems more narrow with each passing year, so this year we punted ideas around the kitchen table, resulting in our current project:  building a knockdown bed that can be assembled quickly at night and dismantled in the early morning.  Two boys will sleep on the newly constructed “trundle bed”, with one on the 22 inch wooden platform above, and one on the narrow bed below.  We’re really enthusiastic about this arrangement, since all three boys can make the trundle into a small table to use for laptops and textbooks in the early mornings when they are awake and the rest of us are still sleeping.


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