Island Family Life

A fish peddler came to the house this week, knocked once at the back door and came in before we were able to bid him enter.  We bought a sack of sole.


This afternoon, First Girl and Little Belles (as sous chef) put together a seriously beautiful dish of sole with tomatoes, coriander, lemon, scallions, mushrooms and pesto (“filetti di sogliola primavera”, from the Eat Right — the Italian Way cookbook).


3 Responses to “Island Family Life”

  1. Tami Says:

    Yummmm………..I wish I could pop over for dinner! I simply love fish.
    And you, too………….. ; )

  2. Beth Says:

    Dear T and C –
    Can you email us your snailmail address? We’d like to send you a Christmas card – Blessings from your Swanberg friends (who bake more like the Swedish chef from the muppets)

  3. Beth Says:

    Just in case…

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