Looking down at the sea from the hilltop


When we stand upon the hill behind our house (the hill with the cross on it), this is the view as we look down at the sea.  The waters hurl themselves against the cliffs.  From our house, the waves look angry in a storm (almost frightening), but when we climb the hill to the cross at the peak, we have fresh perspective.  I think there’s a lesson here.

2 Responses to “Looking down at the sea from the hilltop”

  1. Theresa Says:

    It really is quite beautiful – the view and the lesson. That is one thing I miss about living in the midwest – visiting the ocean. My parents were a half hour away from the ocean all our lives and on hot summer days would take us for a drive to the ocean to cool off. We didn’t have air conditioning.

    By the way, is there a story behind the cross on the hill behind your house? Just curious.

  2. Dave Hector Says:

    God fills the Earth with metaphors. I believe that this ties in closely with Jesus’ use of parables. His Truth stares us in the face every day.

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