The Patience of God

Some Thanksgiving thoughts from one of our sons:

One thing I’m thankful for as I look at the last few months, is the enduring patience of the Lord. There have been numberless times I, we, or some of us have doubted God in our hearts, have given way to worry about the future, or have neglected to fulfill our spiritual responsibilities…not to mention the many times I know I have sinned, falling far short of my own potential, and grieving the Holy Spirit.

We’ve talked a lot about the blessings of God, the foresight of God, and the provision of God, but we haven’t spoken much of the patience of God, how He led us through month after month of the summer ministry, patiently preparing our hearts for the “desert” on P.E.I., looking past the little tensions and imperfections we experienced when we had what we needed, and patiently guiding us through growing financial concern as we came within sight of the islands. All in all, it’s hard to even begin to fathom God’s real mercy, compassion, and longsuffering. “For a small moment have I forsaken thee, but with great mercies will I gather thee” – Isaiah 54.

I’m also grateful for the touch of God in the hearts of those back home:  God is at work among His own, stirring their hearts towards the Great Commission. I would love to be at the tip of the spear of a massive movement towards bringing light to the lost.

Another son wrote:

The thing that I am probably the most thankful for right now is the Lord’s goodness to us, and how He put us back on the Islands for another year in a way which clearly showed that we are definitely to be here.  This has been a tremendous blessing to me personally, as I now have no worries at all about God’s will for this next winter.  I am also grateful for family….  

Another said:

As for things I am grateful for, here are a few of the ones that come to mind:

  1. A fabulous family that loves to be together, and is totally sufficient in and of itself without a need for local peers to hang out with.
  2. Great friends that we can make memories with in the summer, and think fondly about in the winter.
  3. This amazing place where we live. (Today as we walked along the beach, there were some of the most incredible colours I’ve ever seen flooding over the top of the mountain and out past the lighthouse as the rays of the slowly setting sun lit up the majestically towering and crashing waves off the point.)

One of the girls shared this:

One of the things I’m really thankful for is our time at Yellow House, especially this year after our long period of waiting time, which makes it kind of like delayed gratification. This year I’m enjoying things like cooking in a nice kitchen and having a piano to play on again.  I’ve even been liking the feeling of having to be creative in coming up with meal ideas with a Co-op [the island’s grocery store] to work with. I’m also very grateful for all the wonderful people God has put in our lives.

            And finally, after sharing similar thoughts to those of all the other children about God’s goodness, His patience, his provision, and His leading, the youngest said she was especially grateful that back in September we got to spend extra time [Labour Day weekend] with special friends.

            I’ve just started reading a book called Making Life Rich Without Any Money, by Phil Callaway,  and this Thanksgiving, I hope we can all claim a richness in Christ that could never be bought with all the money in the world.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the Adams.




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