Taking the Thanksgiving Boat

Afternoon came and Todd came with it on the 1:30 boat from the Magdalens.  It was fantastic to see him and to catch up on so much that we could not cover by telephone the past 18 days.  We’re hitching up the trailer now and taking the next boat as a family.  That boat leaves Thursday at 2:00, Thanksgiving Day in America.   Say your prayers for calm seas please – Ibby just got over the flu.


One of the things we did was review God’s goodness to us over these past many days of waiting.  What did we learn?  What was He teaching us?  Are we as surrendered to Him as we want to be – how much of “me” is there still in each of us that is holding on to material things, or distracted by needs that only He can fill, or discontented when things don’t go our way? 


A few of the things we’ve learned from this experience:  1. That we desire God, and we desire Him to be in control of our lives, 2. That though He does not promise us wealth, He promises His presence and peace to those who put their full trust in Him, 3. That He wants us to rely on Him and communicate our hearts to Him all the time, not just in times of trial, 4. That He does not want us distracted by things, 5. That He wants our full attention, 6. That He will supply in His way and in His time, and 7. That He wants to get us to the point of contentment regardless of the where/how he takes us in life.


There is much more that we talked about, but we also left a good chunk of time to play board games and to get out the stringed instruments.  My favourite moment of the day:  Todd home, oldest daughter cooking a birthday dinner, youngest daughter drawing pictures next to me,  birthday boy and brothers playing a classical rendition of The Old Rugged Cross on guitars together.  Thank-you, Lord, for your sovereignty, for your compassion, for your guidance, and for your many fine children across this country.


And thank-you, friends, for standing by us in such a powerful way.  We need your continued prayers as we return to a difficult field. 


George Mueller Report:  all the ministry bills are paid!    Phillipians 4:19 …my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus…Proverbs 23:26 …give me thine heart and let thine eyes observe My ways.



2 Responses to “Taking the Thanksgiving Boat”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision!

    Thank you for continuing to share your journey and life with us. We are blessed to “walk” along with you.

    In our thoughts and prayers,
    Theresa for the Goulds

  2. Cena Says:

    Praise the Lord.

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