Tuesday’s Deadline

There is a huge decision looming in our not so distant future. 

November lies at its halfway mark. Winter is on our doorstep.


If bills are paid by Tuesday (when we need to give notice to our landlord regarding December), we will know that we are to stay here; if bills remain unpaid, we will know God wants us to head south to earn sufficient income to pay them back to zero.


As soon as we came within 300 miles of our destination, we began to experience our driest month in ministry support. Now we find ourselves on the cusp of change:  either the change from our current circumstances will be reuniting our whole family for another term on the Magdalen Islands or it will be having Todd come off-islands, picking the rest of us up from where we are staying on Prince Edward Island, and heading for an extended season in the United States where it is legal for Todd to work for wages.


There are many logistical considerations:  the weather will soon bring snow and ice, prohibiting safe travel with the trailer;  our landlord will have to make alternate arrangements for her own income if we suddenly leave;  the personal belongings we have left in the rental house will need to be brought to a long-term storage facility;  and the children (who are earnestly longing for their winter home) will have to face the gut emotions of saying a final goodbye to the place  they had anticipated for so long.  Todd will need to wrap up the intensive work that he has picked up again these past two weeks back on the islands, and trust the work to God’s hands.  We recognize that we are not indispensible;  this is not “our” work but His, and He will not abandon His people (neither us, nor the French who live on the Magdalen Islands).


We’ve learned a lot about trusting God these last four years. God provides when He decides to and how He wants to, and when He keeps us in one location when we planned to go to another, He has reasons we will not understand until we see Him face to face. We do know we do not see the whole picture as He does, and we know from these years of experience that when we keep our eyes on Him, He gives us peace.


Our heart is in this work here, but more than this, our heart is in doing the will of God


Pray that the Enemy would have no strength to put up a temporary hurdle to our staying.

Pray that we would have God’s peace whether He calls us to stay or to go south.

Pray that the children would deal with this emotional time with grace and comfort beyond their years.

Pray that I would have the strength to handle the insecurity of our future.

Pray that Todd and I would wisely make long-term decisions as we face rapidly approaching deadlines.


And thank God with us that the primary decision of whether to stay or to go on Tuesday is a black and white decision, completely out of our hands and not influenced by the desires of our hearts. 


4 Responses to “Tuesday’s Deadline”

  1. Jan Says:

    I am grateful to the Lord and to you for not only embracing the Lord’s will, His path, when it calls for faith and obedience and a true confidence in His wisdom and ways when you can’t see what He is doing, but also for sharing your journey with your readers. This must delight the heart of God!

    Isaiah 50:10 comes to my mind – Who is among you that fears the Lord, that walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.

    It is a privilege to pray for you folks.

  2. Heather Says:

    We are praying for you. ~Heather and the kids.

  3. lynda Says:

    My mom used to tell me “Never doubt in the darkness what you knew to be true in the light.” Not such easy words to live by when it’s quite dark. Yet my favorite quote now is one by Amy Carmichael which I think I’ve shared with you before… “And only heaven is better than walking with Christ at midnight on moonless seas.”

    I can’t imagine the struggle and yet I am amazed at the peace God gives – We continue to pray for you always and know our God is faithful – yesterday, today and forever. Thank you for your constant example of trusting Him. You are not in this alone.

  4. Theresa Says:

    You have been especially on our hearts and minds this weekend. Please keep us updated, especially as the Lord directs your path regarding Tuesday’s decision.

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