Temporarily moving on

God continues to shower blessings upon us: the kindness of these Texans, the wonder of the many ducks, herons, and egrets that we enjoy at this site, and the special care that friends back home are showing us in spreading our news to their Texan friends.

Because of the news spreading, we received a wonderful invitation from one of those Texan friends-of-friends so that we could have stayed at their home tonight…but just before they called, the campground owners here said they had a site open up that they would give to us no charge if our children would play music for the Labour Day weekend barbeque tonight. What wonderful invitations!

And so we are still here tonight.

As for the George Mueller Report, there is food on our table and enough gas to get us down the road to our place for tomorrow night. We continue to wait on God for funds to pay our bills and to officially move on past this weekend’s destinations.

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