It is late evening, after a full day of studies and appointments. We are at last content with not going further south to the church in Houston. Clearly God has wanted us to stay here, as the funds have not been available to move on. Todd’s work continues long distance with people across the United States and Quebec while the rest of us catch up on studies, laundry, and correspondence.

We feel blest to be parked in a city-managed site, with an abundance of space around us, extra tables at which to study, and ducks everywhere to entertain us at mealtimes.

Mornings of Study

Mornings of Study

Please pray for clarity and continued contentment with each increment of divine direction and redirection, for good balance as we stay put this many days in a row, and for strength of commitment to move on only as we are able to stay debt-free in this mission. There are difficult decisions to make in the process of all of these areas, and many of these decisions come with an element of sacrifice, dying to our own will/desire, saying yes to God’s will.

One Response to “Redirection”

  1. Taylor family Says:

    Praying for you and for God’s blessings on your family and your ministry. May the Lord keep your family strong and steadfast as you continue to seek and do the will of God.
    Looking forward to seeing your family again!
    God bless.

    In Chirst Alone,
    The Taylor family in QC

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