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Labour Day

August 31, 2008

We wish all of you a day of rest today and on Monday. Lord-willing, we will be taking the day off with kind friends who have invited us to their home for the holiday.

Temporarily moving on

August 30, 2008

God continues to shower blessings upon us: the kindness of these Texans, the wonder of the many ducks, herons, and egrets that we enjoy at this site, and the special care that friends back home are showing us in spreading our news to their Texan friends.

Because of the news spreading, we received a wonderful invitation from one of those Texan friends-of-friends so that we could have stayed at their home tonight…but just before they called, the campground owners here said they had a site open up that they would give to us no charge if our children would play music for the Labour Day weekend barbeque tonight. What wonderful invitations!

And so we are still here tonight.

As for the George Mueller Report, there is food on our table and enough gas to get us down the road to our place for tomorrow night. We continue to wait on God for funds to pay our bills and to officially move on past this weekend’s destinations.

Texas Blessings

August 29, 2008

The beauty of Texas–the greenery and the wildlife–and the kindness of the people we have met are huge blessings to us. The girls feed the ducks at dawn and dusk. Grackles frequent our site, and peck at crumbs that fall from our chairs under the shade trees where we breakfast.

We are at this site for another night, and tomorrow we must move as there is no room and a long waiting list for the Labour Day weekend. We are looking for a site not many miles northeast of here. Word of mouth is keeping Todd busy with appointments, and I am hoping to meet a friend-of-great-encouragement from Turlock this afternoon or tomorrow morning before we break camp.

School continues for the children, but we are all learning much bigger lessons about God and about life than any textbook could offer. Thank-you for your faithful prayer for us.


August 28, 2008

It is late evening, after a full day of studies and appointments. We are at last content with not going further south to the church in Houston. Clearly God has wanted us to stay here, as the funds have not been available to move on. Todd’s work continues long distance with people across the United States and Quebec while the rest of us catch up on studies, laundry, and correspondence.

We feel blest to be parked in a city-managed site, with an abundance of space around us, extra tables at which to study, and ducks everywhere to entertain us at mealtimes.

Mornings of Study

Mornings of Study

Please pray for clarity and continued contentment with each increment of divine direction and redirection, for good balance as we stay put this many days in a row, and for strength of commitment to move on only as we are able to stay debt-free in this mission. There are difficult decisions to make in the process of all of these areas, and many of these decisions come with an element of sacrifice, dying to our own will/desire, saying yes to God’s will.

Waiting on God

August 26, 2008

We’re enjoying Texan sunshine for another day, as we wait for the green light to move on. Todd is gone for the morning and the children are bent over tables studying. This afternoon, the whole family will prep the month’s missions letter.

We are so grateful for your partnership, your prayers on our behalf, and your shared gratitude to God for His clear direction.

Regrouping Day in Fort Worth

August 26, 2008

One of the blessings of truly letting God lead is His insertion of balance into our schedule. We are enjoying a regrouping day, one in which we are able to tidy up a lot of loose ends, delve into fresh work, AND linger longer over breakfast and lunch, catching up on family needs.

Fort Worth

August 22, 2008

If you’re following our journey on the map, we’re parked for the night just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport (“right at the end of the runway”, Todd says).  We’re counting our blessings:  despite the noise, we have a picnic table just outside the trailer where the boys have spent the morning studying, and shade trees to shield us from the Texan sun. 

We’re here primarily to spend time with a small church in Boyd, and then we’re off to the Houston area to see another church plant. There may be a small delay in our take-off from this site, as we paid bills this morning and the George Mueller report is reading empty.

The children are all well.  We refueled emotionally in Oklahoma, have had umpteen talks since, and feel ready for the days ahead.  This is the third and final leg of the trip prior to re-entry into French Quebec.  Please continue to pray for safety on the road and clarity of thought as we counsel with believers.

Into Texas

August 7, 2008

Because of the generosity of friends in Central California, we were able to spend two nights and a day of rest and relaxation in Red River, New Mexico, high in the mountains — so high that the air was clean and the breeze was cool. We went for walks, early morning coffee, bike rides along trails through the woods at night, lit only by headlamps. The girls and I enjoyed sweet evening talks. We leaned on the balcony railing in the dark and hummed the Judas Maccabeus, the youngest taking the harmony. We finally celebrated a postponed birthday, opened presents, laughed at travel stories.

Now we are heading into Texas, and should be to Oklahoma by Friday. Thank-you to all of you who are faithfully praying for us. Thank-you for your wisdom along the journey, for your example, and for your encouragement.

New Mexico

August 4, 2008

Please pray for us as we drive today. We are hoping to spend the night in northeastern New Mexico.