Salt Lake City

After a few short weeks in California, we are again on the road, and we feel refreshed by the kindness, enthusiasm, generosity, and fellowship of so many likeminded believers. We wish that we could have seen everyone on our list, or even everyone on our short list, but in the end, we answered as many specific invitations as we could, and we determined not to stress ourselves with more than 5 appointments in any one day.

The post-California discussions on the road have been terrific. I will include snatches of these in subsequent posts.

On the George Mueller front, we have gas and food for the day, and we are resting in God’s leading. Last night, as we sat around the little table in our trailer, the door open to bring in the evening breeze, a camper from the UK at a site close to ours came over to ask if he could give us provisions since he and his buddies were taking a flight the next day. We’d never met the fellow, and I’m sure he did not know what a blessing this unexpected “manna” was! This morning, he came by again (twice) with more food. God has blest us with more surprises than we could ever imagine on this journey, and the more He provides in this way, the more I realize what a mistake it is for us to ever feel anxious.

Praising God for His attentive care,

3 Responses to “Salt Lake City”

  1. l j Says:

    Of course we feel the time went by way too fast also but praise God for His direction and know you are right where He wants you – in His grasp. We continue to pray for you and covet your prayers as Evan leaves for Iraq in 2 short weeks. Be blessed.

  2. Beth Says:

    We are sorry we weren’t able to see you here in CA., but we understand it must be so hard to see everyone. God bless your journey east!


  3. Theresa Says:

    So very neat how the Lord chooses to provide your “manna”. We had neighbors do something like this a few months ago, right down to the bottle of ketchup that I wanted, but did not have on hand for that evening’s meal. 🙂

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