All to Jesus

All morning long, I have had the lyrics to “I lay my sins on Jesus, the spotless lamb of God” on my heart and in my head. One of the blessed gifts of getting in a tight place is the “cleaning of the slate” and the comfort of Christ’s abiding love. We knew, when we left home in Central California, four years ago, that there would be times of trial ahead. We’ve faced those moments of trial, and always, always, Todd and I have used those first days as slate-checker days: what is in our life that may be hindering our gospel witness; is there anything between us or between the children that has not been tended to; is there any secret sin in our home that needs to have the light of Christ shine on it to wash it clean away? These and other questions we tenaciously pursue; we ask God to search our hearts, we pray together and we talk together and all the crumbs of sins past that we did not sweep entirely out of our hearts convict us of our depravity and of our constant, continual need for Christ’s control. I am deeply grateful to God for this process, and for the hard times that come to bring my heart –comfortable in its bits of old nature– to the foot of the cross for cleaning and refreshment.

All to Jesus we surrender…for we believe in a Sovereign God who orders all of our days, and we believe –we know from experience– that He makes all things beautiful in HIS time (Ecclesiastes).

Pray that every minute of these days of waiting on Him in Klamath Falls would be minutes of intense, yet restful, listening to His voice.
And following His call.

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