Klamath Falls

Little Joe update: the doctors still do not know when Little Joe Fletcher will be out of the woods. The bottom line –as it is in everything– is that we need to pray fervently. God wants to hear our hearts cry out to Him.

We are in Klamath Falls. To our great delight, some friends sent a care package to greet us at the UPS mail store here, and then let us know that it would be waiting for us. There was something for everyone, and we feel tremendously encouraged! Though we are close to the home state line, we know we are still many hours and many appointments away — the children behind this box-sending-project have made us feel close indeed. Thank-you K family!

We’ve seen strong families all across the states, yet “glorifying God and enjoying Him forever” as a purpose in life seems increasingly hard to practically define without straying into legalism. The mainstream is a magnet that is getting harder to risk, and in large families, the magnet seems to have the greatest pull with the middle and younger children. Families who make principled decisions (and who teach their children to make decisions based on intentional and consistent application of biblical principles) are best able to stay on track. It’s time consuming to operationally define the principles that guide family life and it’s time consuming to write them down, but the hardest part of living a principle-based life is applying those principles to everyday decisions!

George Mueller Report: we’re committed to God leading, and not moving ahead without our bills being paid. We want His way, not our way, and we are reminded that God never said it would be easy to follow Him.

Thank-you for all your love and prayers.

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